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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Seer Prophet

I prophesy today that :
"There shall be more "SEER" Prophets being raise by God in these last days!"
(Apostle Joh,Seer Prophet .September,14.2011-Asia Malaysia)

As I meditate upon the Word in the book of Chronicles today (2 Chronicles 29:29),the Holy Spirit inspired me to give a prophetic word where He revealed to me that the LORD is going to raise up more Prophet/tess who will walk under the anointing of a "SEER"in these last days.Thus, more revelatory visions and divine dreams aka "Vision of the nights" will be revealed by the Holy Ghost to many prophets and Apostles of today.The Holy Spirit has also revealed to me that God will be elevating many Prophets who have faithfully walked under the unction and anointing of a "Nabi"Prophet(A Holy Spirit inspired oracle Prophet) in to the ministry of a SEER Prophets.If we read 2 Chronicles 29:29 in the Greek Interlianer translation,we will be able to know that there is much different between a normal prophet and a 'SEER' prophet.
1 Chronicles 29:29 "Now the acts of King David,first and last,indeed they were written in the book of  Samuel the seer (e.rae/ra'aah),in the book of Nathan the prophet (e.nbia/Nabi/Nabiy)and in the book of Gad the seer (e.chze/chozeh-vision seer).

All three of this man of God are Prophets of Israel during the reign of King David.However, Samuel the prophet was called the "SEER"and the Hebrew root word was "e.rae or raah",Gad the prophet was also mentioned as a  SEER but the Hebrew root word here is "chozeh or the vision"type of a Seer.In my previous posting,I have taught on the two attribute/type of a SEER prophet (Raah and Chozeh)and both are called a "seer".Its very interesting to note that the the strong's concordance translates the word "SEER" and Prophet in Hebrew as follows:

“SEER” Hebrew (7200, 7203, 2374, 2372)
  • Hebrew 7200: ra’ah, raw-aw’; to see, look, view; to realize, know, consider; to be selected; to become visible, appear, show oneself; to be seen; to cause to see, show; to be shown; to look at each other, meet with; a general word for visual perception.
  • Hebrew 7203: ro’eh, ro-eh’; a seer; vision.
  • Hebrew 2374: Chozeh, kho-zeh’; seer, one who receives a communication from God, with a possible focus that the message had a visual component; agreement.
  • Hebrew 2372: Chazah, khaw-zaw’; to see, to look, observe, gaze, by extension: to choose (one thing or another); to have visions, to prophesy.

“PROPHET” Hebrew (5030, 5012, 5197)

  • Hebrew 5030: nabiy’, naw-bee’; a prophet (true or false).
  • Hebrew 5012: naba’, naw-baw’; to prophesy, speak as a prophet; prophesy has its focus on encouraging or restoring covenant faithfulness, the telling of future events encourages obedience or warns against disobedience.
  • Hebrew 5197: nataph, naw-taf’; to pour down; gently fall, drip; to (drip words) preach, prophesy.

I like the way Lloyd Philips explain the three type/kind of a Prophets when he wrote :
"Biblically there are three Hebrew words that are translated as a prophet, two of which are translated as a seer. There is raah which is translated seer, meaning someone who sees open visions. That same word is used for someone who sees with natural eyes. Then there is chozeh. This word emphasizes spiritual apprehension, of internal visions. And lastly nabiy which is the most common biblical word in terms of the prophetic. It means someone who has the Spirit working within them. It is a word for inspiration. Every prophet receives this type of inspiration. Every prophet will be the nabiy kind, but not every prophet will be the raah or chozeh kind"

I believe with all my heart that many Seer Prophet will be receiving more visitation from the Lord in an open vision,internal vision,trance and night vision of divine dream.We need more visionary prophet who can see the future,the present and the past being revealed by the Holy Ghost so that such visual prophetic component will will provide clarity and correct interpretation that will result to much exhortation,edification and comfort to God's people in the Kingdom

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