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Saturday, 26 March 2011


         The sign of the believer normally accompany my ministry (Mark 16 :17-20)
    This woman came up testifying how God has healed her i.e. something normal to me

Acts 5:12 "And through the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were done among the people..."
There are certain level of anointing that normally accompany an apostle.Some apostles are anointed with a more higher level of unction from the Holy Spirit because of his bigger role and responsibility in the body of Christ.Paul wrote "But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver,but also of wood and clay,some for honor and some for dishonor.Therefore if anyone,cleanses himself from the latter,he will be a vessel for honor,sanctified and useful for the Master,prepared for every good work " (2 Tim 2:20-21)

This explain how such vessel as gold is better than silver and silver is better than wood and clay.The holy Spirit will pour more anointing base on the  apostle's quality for a greater work.Maybe one apostle work more harder,fast more often,read God's word more and his outreach ministry is much more bigger than the other apostles Such apostolic quality will be weight by God and much more greater anointing of the Holy Spirit will then be seen.Not all have the same anointing that Peter carry.The same thing with the apostle Paul.There may be more than a dozen apostles that exist in the New Testament,but not all carry the same and similar level of apostolic anointing.Having said that,the highest level of apostolic anointing will be seen on the life of an apostle with an extra -ordinary manifestation and demonstration of power compare to the rest.Such apostle will be accompanied with some special signs and wonders in which no other apostles can attain such level of anointing.

The bible tell us that through the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were done among the people ."Sign and wonders"are not just merely a divine healing,rather "sign"and "wonder"is a supernatural manifestation of God's divine power that bring people to wonder and awe when they see such supernatural display of signs and wonders.If its from God,the people will be drawn near to God with holy fear and worship the Living LORD.

Signs and wonders are the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and this will draw and drive the people to come to Jesus.If signs and wonders were done by some man  to draw the attention of the people toward him and not Christ,then this is the signs and wonders being done by the evil spirits,because the Devil also have certain level of power.Many satanic followers who are really possess by evil spirit can really perform miracle and even signs and wonders.Jesus  warned that in the last days there will be many false christs and false prophets arising and even show great signs and wonders to deceive many people and even some believers. (Matthew 24:24).

But indeed there is a real God's miraculous sign and wonder being manifested by the Holy Spirit through the life of His servants,such as the apostles and even the prophets.Apart from the natural signs of the believers (casting out devils,speaking supernatural tongues,
divine protection from evil power and laying hand for the sick to be healed-Mark 16 :17 -18)  some apostles have achieved some certain level of extra-ordinary supernatural signs and wonders that manifest through them.Such example is the 'shadow' of Peter which when it passes by a sick person,he or she will be healed by his shadow.Now this is something extra-ordinary and Peter's shadow is the  'sign' that make people wonder with awe and fear Peter because they know that God is with him (Acts 5:15)

The same thing with the apostle Paul.Paul's ministry is accompanied by an extra-ordinary and supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit where it was mentioned that even 'handkerchiefs and aprons that Paul have 'touch"will have enough power to heal and to cast the devil just by simply putting such handkerchief or apron to the sick person.Again this is a miraculous sign  being done by the apostle (Acts 19:11-12)
"Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul.So that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick,and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them "

One example of such man of God who has such an extra ordinary level of anointing was the late  William Branham, the "father of healing ministry' who was mighty used by  God in the early 1900's.To me,he was an apostle & prophet  because he pioneered the healing ministries long before Oral Robert,T.L.Osborn and B.F.Bostworth ever started theirs.One of the most signifance 'sign' that was seen in his life was the famous visible 'Halo"that hover his head
                                    Prophet William Branham with the famous "halo"
                                    manisfestation.A 'sign'that make people wonder
                               and know that God was with him in his early ministries

1 Kings 8:10 - 11 "And it came to pass,when the priest came out of the holy place.that the cloud filled the house of the LORD,so that the priest could not continue ministering because of the cloud;for the glory of the LORD filled the house of the LORD"
During the dedication of king Solomon's temple,the holy presence of God in the temple was  visibly seen in the form of a divine cloud.In the Hebrew language,this is called  'sekinah'i
.e.the visible majesty of the Divine Presence of God.So the 'cloud' or the 'sekinah' is the glory of God that is visibly seen.

We also notice that this "cloud'glory of God was seen during the Lord's transfiguration on the mountain :
"While he was still speaking,behold a bright cloud overshadowed them,and suddenly a voice came out of the cloud,saying,"This is My Son,in whom I am well pleased.Hear Him" (Matthew 17:5) .

Now notice how this bright cloud was mentioned overshadowing them.This is definitely the cloud of glory,the manifestation of God the Father's presence,the sekinah cloud glory of God Almighty.I would therefore want to share with you one of my most personal spiritual experience with such sign and wonder that is seen in my apostolic ministry.This has got to do with God's sekinah, the cloud of glory which has manifested in my ministry meetings.The strange thing about this 'sign' is that,nobody seem to have seen it visibly or maybe they did.I have never ask even a soul about this divine manifestation,fearing that they might not understand this spiritual phenomenon that has been accompanying me in my ministry.
"Truly the signs of an apostle were accomplished among you with all perseverance,in signs and wonders and mighty deeds"(2 Cor 12:12)

My first encounter with this sign of 'sekinah'  glory of the LORD was in 1986.Before I began  conducting city wide healing crusades all over Sabah,Malaysia in the year 1987,the LORD has already prophetically  revealed this healing ministry to me one year prior to that.He gave me a divine vision in 1986.This vision was revealed to me through a divine dream (Number 12:6).In this vision,I saw my self praying behind a stage of a  big hall (Night time)where right in front of the stage were a sea of people who came to fill the hall by thousands.Then I saw myself coming out to the stage and walking toward the middle of  the stage where a microphone was standing.I'm am now standing on stage in front of a full house pack crowed of people by thousands.

Just as I'm about to preach,something moved me  to look behind.What I saw behind me was a cloud which is similar to a white smoke coming out from behind on both side.Instantly I  just had a knowing that this was the 'sekinah'glory of God that filled the stage.This cloud of glory was now overshadowing me and I was filled with such boldness to preach the Gospel.I knew then that God was presence with me on that stage.Then I began to preach the Gospel with full of boldness (Acts 4:31).Toward the end of my preaching,I began to pray for healing and began to declare:"In the name of Jesus Christ,be healed!".

Just then I began to see a man with a crippled and twisted hand began to straighten up and some who are paralyze began to get up and walk.That night I witness through this vision so many miracles.Never would I imagine that true enough,one year after that in 1987,there I was standing on stage at the biggest hall in the town of Keningau,Sabah, packed with over 3000 thousand people who came for one of our healing crusade campaign.Since then I moved from city to city conducting healing crusades all over Sabah. I only saw this 'sekinah' cloud of glory in 1986 and never seen it again until 2009.I have seen in my vision the manifestation of the Holy Spirit such as fire and I have experienced the wind of the Holy Ghost in my meetings,but the cloud of glory was never seen manifested again for years.(Acts 2:2 - 4 )

Never have I though that this 'sekinah' cloud of glory from the LORD will eventually began to manifest a develop more frequently in my ministry today.The Holy Spirit has placed a special anointing in my hand were I can really feel the power of God flow from my hands whenever I lay hand.This anointing can be a healing anointing for the sick,anointing for those who want to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit or an anointing of impartation.Now,allow me to share more about this 'sign' where His 'sekinah' glory will accompany my apostolic ministry.In 2009,the LORD for the fist time commission me to do a one month preaching and conducting revival in Kalimantan ,Indonesia such as Tarakan and Samarinda cities

I preached at five difference churches and the Holy Spirit was manifesting greatly through the power of His charismatic gifts during our revival meetings there.It was during this two meetings that I've conducted,that a photo's footage of the visible sekinah glory of God was seen hovering all around me and and sometime overshadowing my  body while I'm under  the heavy anointing of the Spirit.

 I was ministering  at one of  GPSDI Harvest church located in a hilly vilage
                   On this night, about 150 filled this church.I can sense a very deep
                   hunger in their heart for God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit
                                   2009 -Tarakan Kalimantan Indonesia

I was ministering to a church in Tarakan Indonesia located in a village and about one hundred and fifty  came.I gave my camera to my associate pastor so that he can shoot some photos.In my ministry,the Holy Spirit's presence was so real and many holy manifestations are seen (fire & wind)-I dare not say anything till now because this is simply the work of the Holy Spirit.Now in this meeting,white circle clouds are  seen hovering over the congregation while I was preaching or while  praying for the anointing.The power of God the glory of His manifestation of His sekinah  in the form of a round circles of white clouds just fell upon them and they began to fall (1 kings 8:10-11

I'm humbled in the Lord for He has allowed me to see His glory in my ministry.Is this the 'sign and wonder" being manifested when the Holy Spirit is presence ?.My answer is "YES".When I testify that I have seen the 'sekinah' cloud of God's glory,many are doubtful.But when you see this through the eye of a 8.2 mega pixels camera visibly,then know that the visible manifestation of "tongue"of fire on Pentecost day is seen as the visible sign of the manifestation of the Holy spirit (Act 2:3) and there is no camera trick being done.This picture is authentic .YES ,this is the visible manifestation of the "sekinah "clouds of glory as seen in 1 kings 8:10-11 and Matthew 17:5

While worshiping,the 'sekinah' cloud of glory began to visibly seen through the eye of a camera which my associate pastor has taken.This white circle clouds began to fall upon these congregation and overshadowing them all.
Another section where at the initial stage only about 2/3 white round clouds are
visibly seen began to fall on them.

 When this 'sekinah'cloud of glory finally overshadow them,people began to fall under the power of the Holy Spirit.I'm just standing in front,witnessing this supernatural event
After the cloud of glory fell on them,they began to fall under the 
power of the Holy Spirit.

The following week I was invited to preach at GPPS Samarinda (2 hours flight from Tarakan).This church is one of the biggest church in Samarinda town and up to 400 people came to our revival meeting.After preaching,I began to pray for healing.I really felt a strong anointing flowing through me that night and many was miraculously healed and came forward to testify.Another associate pastor of mine took this photos.Again this 'sign' of sekinah cloud of glory was captured on camera visibly.This time this round shape clouds was all over me.I was totally ignited with such strong anointing while praying for healing.Never did I realize that the presence of God in the 'sekinah' clouds of glory was overshadowing me.
Here is the clouds (white circle shape) sekinah of glory falling and all around me,while I was praying for this sick lady in front of me.By then I felt a  cold and electrified feeling
and that God's power was flowing all over my body.There are about 4/5 white round 
clouds that was falling from above and overshadowing me.
This visible 'sign'of 'sekinah' glory of God is clearly seen like a big round 
white clouds that is hovering above my head .The power of God was all over me.This woman came forward to testify how the Lord has healed her bad back problem.The sekinah glory of God was also seen 
just above her head.
During  the worship time, the visible 'sign' of sekinah glory began to appear
signifying the presence of God.(GPPS Church Samarinda revival meeting-2009)
I wonder how many are aware of this visibe sekinah presence.Not until today,I have never told anyone about this 'sign' that is accompanying my ministry
Sekinah cloud (white round shape) of glory is visibly seen just below my right hand side
where I felt the strongest flow of anointing whenever I minister
2009 GPPS Church Samarinda Indonesia ministry

During my one month ministry in Kalimanatan Indonesia,I have ministered to five difference churches and my associate pastors have used the same camera to take photos.This 'sekinah'glory of the LORD was only visibly captured on two meetings.We have found out that there was no trace of visible clouds on all pictures that were taken at the other three churches.My associate pastors have taken more than fifty shots of  pictures and only a few of such photos displayed this kind of visible 'sign' of clouds while I was ministering .Looking at all this sign and wonder ,I offer my enormous gratitude to the LORD for His favor in my ministry.I will be even more determine to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many more people ,believing that more manifestation of his sekinah glory accompany my ministry.Let Jesus our Saviour will only be the one who will be magnified and glorified with this significance sign and wonder

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