"I know for certain that my call as an Apostle was to teach on the ministry of the Holy Spirit to the body of Christ and that I am to preach this " End-time movement of the Holy Spirit" to prepare God's saints for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.I also know that God has given me a Prophetic mandate to establish or to confirm a network of Apostles and Prophets of God to be release into the body of Christ and this has to do with the Asia nation with an extension to an international network all around the world.These two commissions are so specific to me that I intend to accomplish such apostolic and prophetic call under the authority of the Holy Spirit"

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Friday, 4 March 2011



Allow me to share my personal testimony about the apostolic and prophetic call from God in my life.There is a word in the scripture written in the Book of Number 12:6 where God said:

“If there is a PROPHET among you,I the LORD, make Myself known to him in a VISION,I speak to him in a DREAM”.
I have received many visions from God and many time God spoke to me in dreams since 1981.Back then, God  told me that I was called to be an evangelist .For over six years I had faithfully fulfilled the  ministry of an evangelist,traveling around,preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the Land of Sabah,Malaysia.The climax of my evangelistic call was conducting healing crusades in many major town in Sabah.Crowd as large as 4000 attended my crusade meetings with outstanding signs and miracles  attesting to my call as an evangelist.Then in 1988,I began to plant and build churches.I was the founder of "Christian Revival Church of Sabah " which is still growing till today.This was my initial ministry as an apostle.I then left the church (1990) for I sense an apostolic call to go out from my home state and to minister overseas.I did have my own shortcomings and went through a" wilderness "experience for sometime.But the Lord in His mercy called me back into His ministry again and I was restored by His grace.

    I was a young Evangelist at 23,preaching among the thousand.This is a photo being advertised in  a local          newspaper in 1987.Picture also show one crippled man who was healed and walked during the crusade.  Another man who came blind,but now see and testifies in Tenom Sabah Crusade.

Various testimonies  during my Tenom and Keningau city crusade.Attendance was about 4,000 people
The Mute talked and the deaf hear was the talked of the town.Thousand came to receive Christ as they saw the glory of God being manifested in this Crusade.

Now let me share with you this divine encounter I received in 2007 when this particular scripture. Number 12:6 became a ‘Rhema’word from God to me. It was delivered by a man of God,a prince (Prince David Dakoru) from Africa where his christian father,King Dakoru is the ruler of a state called Bayelsa in Nigeria,Africa.David told me that when he came to study here in Malaysia, God spoke to him that He will send a man,a prophet who received revelation and word of God through vision and dream.Then he told  me : “You are that man whom God has told me that you would come ".I then gave him a word of prophecy regarding his call into the ministry.

To me,this has been one of my greatest sign of being called into the prophetic ministry,because the Holy Spirit has led a black man,a prince,all the way from a foreign land in Africa,who is waiting upon the Lord for some significance sign as to why God led him to come to Malaysia.God told him that a "prophet"would come and speak to him about his ministry call in Malaysia.(David is now  a Pastor of his own fellowship ministry in Malaysia -GEM Ministries)
 David Dakoru,now a Pastor (GEM Ministries) whom I met in 2007 God send me  as the "Prophet"to him 
to prophecy over his calling to Malaysia

A few months after this meeting,I had the privilege to attend a Holy Ghost meeting in kuala Lumpur conducted in a local church(River of life Sanctuary Church).It was a 3 days seminar in which the main speaker was an apostolic minister,Dr. John Tetsola from America.While he was teaching the topic on ‘The person Holy Spirit’. I heard an audible voice of God speaking to me so clearly saying “I want you to teach this”(That is The Holy Spirit)".My spirit man knew then that God wanted me to teach more on the Person and attributes of the Holy Ghost.
During the meeting,Dr.Tetsola also called on me and gave a personal prophecy in which the Holy Spirit inspired him to confirmed many words that God has spoken to me regarding my apostolic and prophetic calling.This is the second time a man of God came to reaffirmed the apostolic and prophetic call in my life.
          Here I am with a Man of God from the US,Apostle Dr.John Tetsola,who prophesy
               about my apostolic calling,which I already knew but its good to be confirmed
                                                            by a man of God
 Nobody know who I was in this seminar but I just attended and yet Apostle Dr.John Tetsola,knew my divine apostolic call and gave me a prophetic word concerning my apostolic call
                               Dr.Tetsola is the apostle for Ecclesia word ministries International
                                                        based in New York.USA                                       

"Moreover the word of the LORD came to me,saying,"Jeremiah,what do you see?.."(Jeremiah 1:11a-NKJV)

I am the type of a Chozeh Prophet were God would speak or  reveal to me through divine visions and dreams.In the old testament ,this type of  a prophet is called a "SEER" (A prophet who see) because compare to the normal Nabiy prophet( A 'word' prophet),A "Seer" prophet receive  a revelation most of the time through vision and dream. (2 Chronicles 9:28,). A biblical example of such type of Prophet is the Prophet Daniel, Joseph(one of the twelve patriarch) and Jeremiah .Both Joseph and Daniel too receive God's revelation through Visions and dreams:

Daniel 7:1-2 “In the first year of Belshazzar King of Babylon, Daniel had a dream and vision and vision of his head while on his bed. Then he wrote down the dream ,telling the main facts. Daniel spoke saying,” I saw in my vision by night…”(NOTE:To Daniel,divine dream is part of a divine Vision-notice he said"I saw in my vision by night")

In the New Testament,Vision and dreams are the revelation of the Holy Spirit:.

ACTS 2:17 “Your young men shall see vision......Your old men shall dream dreams " (Divinely suggested-AMP).

The greek word for dream is “HALOM” which simply mean a normal dream that we dream when we sleep. Our body is totally at rest when we sleep but our soul (mind) is invaded by a recollection or reflection of imagination or spiritual interference. Our mind is somehow expose to the spirit world whereby often time evil spirit will invade human mind in dreams if he is not a ‘born again’ Spirit filled person .Divine dream from God is another level of revelation in whereby God's Spirit come to  invade and in contact with our soul(Mind)

Joseph, Mary’s husband also receive God's revelation only through dreams.Even the Angel of God would come to speak to Joseph in his dream..Matt 1:20 “But while he though about these things, behold an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying ‘Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife”

Matt 2:13 “Now when they had departed, behold an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying “Arise, take the young child and His mother ,flee to Egypt…”

Matt 2:19 “Now when Herod was dead, behold an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt…”

Matt 2:22b “…And being warned by God in a dream, he turned aside into the region of Galilee. And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, “He shall be called a Nazarene


Not until the day when God revealed to me in a vision,I wouldn't be able to comprehend on whether this two verses should be understood literally or symbolically :

i.Revelation  4:6 “Before the throne there was a sea of glass, like crystal…”

ii."And I bestow upon you a kingdom, just as My Father bestowed one upon Me, “that you may eat and drink at My table in My Kingdom, and sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel”
Luke 22:29-30

After this divine encounter with Jesus,I understood this verses clearly.I just went to bed on the 9th of May,2007 night trying to sleep without expecting for any divine encounter, nevertheless I was in the attitude of prayer.I though I had a dream, a divine dream from God,but this time is was different.All of the sudden,I sense my spirit man left my body and I was going up with such speed where  immediately I found myself in heaven and precisely inside a big House with a big hall.I found myself sitting on a chair.Right in front of me was a long square table which was covered with a long white table cloth.I just had a knowing within me that I am sitting somewhere in the third heaven,in some section of the Father's house at a main hall where Jesus once said about it (John 14:2).Looking around this open hall was so awesome and glorious to behold.I then notice that sitting just next to me and on the opposite direction on my right hand side was Kenneth E.Hagin,the prophet of God.He was just sitting there,wearing a blue dark suit, resting and just smiling at me with full of content.
(Note:It's been over 20 over years since I got hold of Rev.kenneth's book and magazines.I have not updated myself with the ministry of Kenneth E.Hagin.After this vision,out of curiosity ,I began to do a search as to what has happened to bro.Hagin.Only.Only  then I knew that he went to be with the Lord in 2003)

I was still contemplating to myself as to what is the significance of  being seated together among great prophet like Kenneth E.Hagin on this long white cloth table.I knew that we will eat and drink at the table of the Lord in His kingdom (Luke 22:29-30),but my though was that what is  the significance of being seated in such position?.Right then while sitting side by side with prophet Hagin,my spirit man was asking within as to why I was sitting beside this great prophet of God.Almost immediately,I heard the voice of the Holy Ghost within,saying to me :"Apostle and Prophet sit together,side by side on the table of the Lord in heaven".My spirit man KNEW then like a rhema revelation word that God has ordained me to be His Apostle and therefore,I found myself sitting together with a prophet at the table of the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven.It's true then,that Apostle and Prophet of the Lord sit,side by side at the table of the Lord in heaven.

You see, in heaven this foundational apostolic and prophetic ministers will sit side by side on an allocated seat whenever there be a heavenly feast or heavenly celebration.Praise God He has reserved for me my chair to sit on the table of Christ.Apostle and prophet are the foundational ministry gift that uphold all the fivefold ascension gift of Christ (Ephesian 2:20,Eph 4:11)

                                 Prophet Kenneth E.Hagin,the  'Father of Faith Movement'
                                            (1917-2003)  http://www.rhema.org/

 Now back to the vision ,I saw before me  that there was this very big wide screen sea of glass a clear as crystal(Revelation 4:6).To me,this sea of glass look like a very BIG SCREEN SEA OF GLASS or similarly a big TV screen.It is like  "see through"kind of a screen we can see things on earth from heaven. On this particular occasion, I saw through this sea of glass down the earth,thousands of congregation worshiping God in a very big hall of a church.

While looking intently down below through this sea of glass alike,I saw Rev.Pastor.Kenneth Hagin Jr (Bro.Hagin's son), ministering to this church.He was preaching and teaching his congregation .I believed it was Rhema Bible church located in Tulsa, Oklahoma where this church was founded by Bro.Kenneth E.Hagin.I know now as to  why Prophet Hagin was smiling here in heaven. He is  so proud and happy seeing his son and grandsons are still down there pastoring this family church.Pastor Kenneth Hagin Jr. then began to minister ,walking down all over the building praying and laying hand on the people.I was just watching there from heaven with full of excitement and joy.I saw many people were  touched by the Lord.There was such joy and spiritual release upon the people.

After Pastor.Hagin finished ministering,something led me to look on my left and all of the sudden,I saw someone standing in front of us about five meter from where I was sitting.I did not realized when on how long this man was standing there because I was so excited looking down below.I now realized and He was all the time also been with me looking down the earth and has been observing the ministry of pastor Kenneth Hagin Jr.Then there came a knowing in me that this was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself!.I saw Him very clearly from His left hand side and from His back while He keep looking at the thousands of congregation down below through the sea of glass screen.

His head and hair where white like wool (mix with a light black hair) and was glowing  with beard. He was wearing a white robe down to His feet and He is so well build.(Rev 1:13-14).His hair was slightly curly wave and perfectly comb backward and it did not like the kind of hair style(Straight that we use to see on the so-called picture ‘icon’ of Jesus) but rather slightly curly.

I keep on looking at Jesus and was glued to His presence timelessly.I now realized that He was well aware that I was staring at Him,because now and then His eyes would moved toward me.I knew He did not mind me staring at him.What happened next was that the Lord began to speak to the congregation down the earth.I was able to see this church listening so attentively while Jesus was speaking to them.However ,for some divine reason,I was not able to hear what was spoken to this church down below.I guess Jesus was giving a personal word to this particular church in which I was not allowed to hear.

My eyes was just glued to Jesus while He was speaking and walking to and fro in front of us.I can see His mouth and expression that He was encouraging and admonishing the church down there.After Jesus had finished talking something moved me to look down the hall.I then began to see a group of youths clothed in white and red clothing coming into the father’s house hall from the left hand side door.Then this youth began  perform a  some sort of heavenly dance.Their performance was gracefully accompanied with heavenly music.It was so awesome to behold and I was so encourage seeing this dance.I knew that they were there to perform this dance for the Lord Jesus. 

Upon completion,everybody then kneel down to worship Jesus.I found my self also kneeling down and  worshiping my Savior.I didn't know for how long I was on my knee worshiping Him,but I knew it was timeless in heaven.I found myself that I was back to my seat again.Another scene I began to see .There was a new  group of white clothed ministering angels (Hebrew 1:14) coming into the hall house from the same door where previously I saw the clothed saints came in just by my left side.Each of this angel was carrying a big silver type of big oval type of plate upon their head.On the plate I saw variouses of fresh and delicious foods .I saw them all carrying and putting them in the middle of the hall and some on  our table. It consist of all fresh juicy fruits.I guess they got it from the garden of paradise.I can’t forget this fresh juicy moist green grapes.I found my self now participating in this great feast of the "Lamb of God"Jesus in heaven and I was eating  and drinking at the Lord's table.Among all the fruit that I saw,I will never forget this big ,fresh and moist green grape.Its was so big and so delicious to be eaten!

                                  Green Juicy fresh vine,available in heaven
This is the long" table "clothed in white cloth in the kingdom of the Son of God,Jesus Christ our Lord which the Lord said in LUKE 22:29-30 where He sauid “And I bestow upon you a kingdom, just as My Father bestowed one upon Me, “that you may eat and drink at My table in My Kingdom, and sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel”

Coming back to my senses,I realized it's been far too long I have not met Him face to face in a vision.The first time I saw Christ face to face was in 1981 (Over 24 years).Seeing Him for the second time and howI am allowed  to see some part of the heavenlies, right there on the chair I began to sob and cry uncontrollably.I was so humbled before God for letting me to come to His present and how I found myself still sobbing when I came back to my body on earth.My body then  woke up and tears were still coming from my eyes.This was my second face to face encounter with Jesus and my first visit to heaven.I now know that I am an apostle of Jesus Christ called and chosen by the will of God to do a specific apostolic task to many nation in years to come (Colossians 1:1).How long was this vision transpired in my divine dream,I wouldn't know,but one thing for sure,this was a divine vision of my divine face to face encounter with my Saviour in heaven


                                     WOMAN HEALED BY GOD-TESTIFYING -2009


This woman had a serious sight condition which gradually became blur .After I've prayed over her,she began to see clearly (Indonesia 2009-crusade.Samarinda)

 Sight vision test,I ask this woman to follow the movement of my hand if she can see and she did!

God has ordained me to be in His service with a specific divine mandate in His Kingdom.Herewith is my apostolic and prophetic ministry's commission to the body of Christ

1.As an Apostle : God has given me this specific mandate to teach the ministry of the Holy Spirit to the body of Christ and that I am to  preach this "End time Holy Spirit Movement" to prepare  God's saints for the coming of the Lord.

2.As a Prophet: The Holy Spirit given me a  commission to establish a network ministry of Apostles and Prophets in the body of Christ.I am called to confirm and establish ministers who have an apostolic and prophetic call and that I will need to present them to the church of the Lord as the final ministry office  that is being restored into the  five fold ministries (Apostle,Prophet,Evangelist,Pastor and Teacher).

This is my ultimate dreams and vision in which the Holy Spirit will keep leading me to establish until today.I know that this divine task cannot be done alone and I looking forward for God to bring and lead many man and women of God to be with me in this ministry network.

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